Mini-Putt ACEAGE!

There may be a lot of other mini-putt games out there... but this one rules them all.
Some people say it's not possible to ace Mini-Putt. How wrong they are. Be an optimist!.. no cheating needed. ;)

I tried to align the shots to something static, so that not much guessing was involved, some of these must be perfected a slight bit.

HOLE 1::..
(Par 3)

Drop it in the lower-left corner of the pad, and place your 4th dot away from the ball up against the right bank, lined up with the black edge of the parallel bank.

HOLE 2::..
(Par 3)

Drop in top-right corner, then shoot straight for the farthest hole (it'll glide over the nearest). Lining up the
tip of the putter with the right edge of the nearest stone will give the correct power.

HOLE 3::..
(Par 2)

This one takes the prestigious Easiest-Hole award. Line up the drop by clicking in the middle of the hole. First dot straight downlined up with the first block.


HOLE 4::..
(Par 3)

Kinda hard for the 4th hole eh? Drop it in the lower-left corner, stick the 2nd dot away from the ball in the upper-right corner of the pad.

HOLE 5::..
(Par 2)

Drop in the top left corner. Get your 5th (2nd to last) dot right on the bottom-right corner of the block, (far enough away that you won't hit it).

HOLE 6::..
(Par 3)

Drop in bottom-left corner of the pad. Get your 5th dot placed right at the corner of the upper right bank.

HOLE 7::..
(Par 2)

Hmmm... Scary clowns... Like hole 3, drop it by clicking on the hole to get a perfect line-up. Stick your last dot barely in the clown's mouth to get over the ramps and bounce into the hole.

HOLE 8::..
(Par 4)

Go backwards to get forwards. Drop in the lower-left corner of the pad, and get your second dot tucked in the corner of the side of the window and the bottom of the furthest stepping stone.

HOLE 9::..
(Par 2)

Easy shot, drop in the top-left corner, then place your last dot on the edge of the entry ramp, in middle.

HOLE 10::..
(Par 3)

The drop on this hole is along the right side, right in the middle. For power, get your 4th dot on the bottom-right corner of the closest log-like-thing.

HOLE 11::..
(Par 3)

Drop in top-left corner. Get your first dot skimming the upper-right corner of the log-thingy.

HOLE 12::..
(Par 2)

Drop along the right edge of the pad, slightly above the divider. Power at a very subtle downward angle, last dot on the 2nd to last row of downhill arrows.

HOLE 13::..
(Par 3)

Skrew the windmill! Don't spend your time going the direct route, try the other way. Drop in top-right corner of pad, and align the bottom of the putter with the bottom edge of the barrier. Keep it level, and move left until your 4th dot away hits the inner-edge of the left barrier. For those of you out there that like to live life dangerously, or just can't get it, the shot seems easiest if you just line it up and shoot it straight away, without waiting for the perfect moment. Impress your co-workers.

HOLE 14::..
(Par 2)

Drop in top-left corner, then place your cursor halfway between the bottom and top edges of the closest 2 stepping stones. Check the shot picture.

HOLE 15::..
(Par 3)

Drop in the lower-left corner, place your 4th dot away along the right bank, lined up with the top of the nearest cement obastacle thingy.

HOLE 16::..
(Par 2)

Drop in the lower-right corner, and set your dot in the lower-right corner of the outer banks.

HOLE 17::..
(Par 4)

Go drop in the lower-left corner, then bring the putter up to the 5th stepping stone, and place the tip of your mouse exactly on the upper-right corner of it. Click and prey.

HOLE 18::..
(Par 2)

This is it. If you have a score of 17 up to this point, you should be excited. Don't let the rapid tremblings of your hand skrew up your aim though, cuz you've only got one more shot. (Because you know that right-clicking>back then >play to redo stuff is morally wrong.) Drop in top left corner, and line up your 4th dot with the upper-left corner of the bar.

Alright, so you either messed up and have to start all over again, or you scored a perfect 18, and are feeling very happy!
Congratulations, the latter are now honorary special peoples©. Yes, you get your own copyright sign! Wicked sick!