Hewo. Yu awe a stupid idiot. Thank Yu fo comingh.

-ep. 1 We interveiw two gothic members of the band "I'm Going To Kill You With A Razor Blade." What is this world coming to? People wearing creepy black stuff on their faces and spiked chokers... Seriously guys, spiked chokers? I mean you would like puncture your neck every few minutes! And that could get really annoying...

Ben H. Cam/Host Jon K. Goth 1 Jesse R. Goth 2 [Pending:]Ryan R. Commercial ..::DOWNWOAD::.. [Sorry, 54mb]


-ep. 2 Interveiwing hippies is fun... oh, I mean "Psychedelic." Dude! Those tai-dai shirts are richeous! People are like, going into seizures just at the sight! What are these average peoples veiw on drugs? You may be able to tell somewhere between them saying "like" once every other word... Other than that just make sure you conserve trees and let your inner spirit like, fly free man!